Horse power changes lives: Belle is back in school! 

Belle and I had a fantastic time with the children at Elsley Primary School in Wembley this morning. 

For some of the children participating in the workshops, this was their very first ever up-close encounter with a pony. And although they were a little nervous/anxious at first, Belle’s irresistible charm and calm temperament soon won them over. 

Before long, the children (ages ranging from 4-10 years old) were keen to stroke & brush the pony while using newly learned equestrian vocabulary appropriately. 

We discussed how to behave safely around horses, learned that their height is measured in hands and that a brown-coloured horse with black mane & tail is called bay. We also came up with a rhyme to remember some of these new words: Belle’s colour is bay and she likes to eat hay🐴 .

It was amazing to hear the children express that even during that very first session, being around the pony made them feel happy, calm and gave them confidence! Wow!! 

I am very excited to be part of their journey through this unique 10-week Programm and look forward to see what insights & new experiences we can all share with each other over the coming weeks…​​​

​#changinglivesthroughhorses #horseplay #equinefacilitatedlearning #brent #education #thinkoutsidethebox #coachingforsuccess #coaching #nextgeneration #childrenareourfuture #horsepower

Have a blessed week. 

Bea 🙂 


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