Rosie’s Diary – Weeks 20, 21 & 22: Reaching another milestone!

What a joy: for the last 4 weeks I have been fully ‘handing back the reins’ to Jamie as she and Rosie go from strength to strength each week in developing their groundwork together. I rarely need to be hands-on now during our sessions and really enjoy watching from the sidelines the way both synchronise with each other. Jamie’s self-awareness and self-regulation has developed so much, she’s able to really listen to, respond to and truly lead Rosie well.  And Rosie’s trust and confidence in Jamie is evident in every step these two take together – just beautiful.

Encouraging Rosie to curl around Jamie as she turns
Encouraging Rosie to curl around Jamie as she turns
Turning by directing energy & body positioning
Lovely synchronisation of movement in trot
Lovely synchronisation of movement & energy in trot

Jamie is also making excellent progress in the saddle as she’s less nervous each week and begins to really enjoy riding again. Being generally more self-aware of how her own body language, posture/positioning, her thoughts and energy all influence Rosie’s behaviour and movements, Jamie is now confident and relaxed to ride Rosie off the lunge altogether. I couldn’t be happier for her. I am very confident that we can have a go at a few steps in trot very soon, but I’m also very happy to proceed at whatever pace Jamie feels comfortable with. We are not in a hurry. I always say: Rome wasn’t built in one day…

And last weekend we went….wait for it…yes – on OUR FIRST EVER HACK. What a milestone! What a  fantastic feeling! Rosie was an absolute super-star: we rode past lorries, motorcycles, big yellow diggers in full operation while gun shots went off from a nearby shooting ground and she didn’t even bat an eyelid (and without company I might add). I could not have asked for a more relaxed and well behaved pony – I am so proud of how far we all have come together.  And I look forward to each session as we find out what this journey has in store…I am very excited.

Rosie's 1st ever Hack!
Rosie’s 1st ever Hack!

Until next time, stay safe, stay blessed & happy riding.



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