Rosie’s Diary – Week 17: the journey continues

The feeling of contentment I get after a lovely morning of coaching & schooling is priceless!
After a much needed 10-day break work resumed today, and what a great day I had…spent it with lovely people and lovely horses.

One Rider/Horse pair really stood out for me today: Jamie & Rosie exceeded their own expectations today. Having ‘handed over the reins’ to Jamie for the groundwork aspect of the lesson for the 3rd week now, Jamie did so well in using her body language and energy in a really positive way and Rosie reflected this beautifully by synchronising her movements & energy levels with Jamie’s.
During lunging Jamie definitely needed to adjust her leadership style from ‘Hand-over’ to ‘Telling’ as Rosie was initially more interested in what was going on in the nearby paddock. When Jamie became more assertive, Rosie soon focussed more on Jamie and started asking more questions such as ‘how fast’ & ‘how far’.
For the second part of the session I schooled Rosie under saddle which was a real pleasure. It became very apparent that the little time-off had helped Rosie to think about and really internalise what she had learned during our last session a couple of weeks ago. She felt so much more supple, willing and able to respond to my aids and bending in walk and trot felt much more even and softer.

For the final part of the session Jamie got back in the saddle, and although she felt a little apprehensive at first, I offered support from the ground on a loose lunge and she relaxed quickly and really enjoyed the moment. I felt that Jamie was ready to have a go off the lunge and with a little encouragement she did! This was a big step for her and I couldn’t be prouder of her! Well done Jamie & Rosie – you made my day! P.S. next time we’ll have pictures of you riding 🙂

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