Rosie’s Diary – Week 14

Hope you folks are enjoying the sunshine…it seems like Summer has finally arrived. I certainly had a super week of coaching and schooling in this fabulous weather…these are the moments when I can really appreciate how blessed I am to be doing what I love most for a living…

Rosie’s re-education now continues with a rider on board and she’s been giving me 100% every time. Her whole persona has changed from anxious to trusting and confident, but of course her journey continues as she learns to deal with new situations every day and every session. I am now riding Rosie entirely off the lunge, and her attitude towards my requests/ leg aids to bend, move forward or sideways is always positive and willing, even though she finds some of the exercises difficult.

And Jamie is also spending more time in the saddle each session, this is so encouraging. We continue working on controlling our energy levels and using energy to influence the horse’s forward movements. Jamie is also learning to use breathing exercises as a strategy for controlling feeling anxious on board during a tricky situation and this is working really well.  Jamie riding 20 June'15

As of next week Jamie will be getting more hands-on during our ground work exercises with Rosie to equip her with the right tools and knowledge to start working with Rosie more confidently and independently outside our sessions. Happy days 🙂

Bea x


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