Rosie’s Diary – weeks 12 & 13

A couple of weeks have passed again since my last post…I’ve been busy coaching, schooling, learning, meeting new clients and pursuing new ideas. Exciting times all in all…

Rosie and Jamie are going from strength to strength – progression is steady and confidence is growing.  Straightness Training exercises remain the basis of each session with Rosie.

Rosie Left-bendedThis photo aside (taken 4 weeks ago) shows her clearly being ‘left-bended’: the muscles on the left side of her body are shorter and those on the right side are longer. So when Rosie’s asked to bend/turn right, she finds this significantly more difficult than bending/turning to the left. The basic ST exercises such as LFS (I explained this more in a previous post) help Rosie to stretch those shorter muscles and contract the longer ones. This will contribute to improved balance & suppleness. We are already seeing & feeling first improvements.

Expanding ridden work gradually, during week 12 Rosie’s been walking and trotting on the lunge with Jamie still providing support on the ground, but she no longer needs to be right close to Rosie’s head. And the best thing happened right at the end of the session: with a little persuasion Jamie got back in the saddle! That was a magical moment for me! Rosie was calm which gave Jamie the much needed reassurance on board, so we walked just a few steps on each rein and then dismounted.


Rosie relaxed walk Rosie trotting left rein

Rosie trotting right rein

Week 13 saw Rosie walking with me on board for the first time off the lunge without ground support. There were kids playing near the arena, other horses being turned out and brought in, gun shots fired at the nearby shooting ground, but none of this could make Rosie lose her cool. It just shows that our training sessions over the past 4 months have not only improved Rosie’s physical state, but also helped to balance her mentally & emotionally, making her stronger and more confident than she ever has been. What an amazing transformation!

And although a little apprehensive at first, Jamie got back in the saddle for the second time – and loved it! She rode Rosie on the lunge on both reins, exploring the different nuances within ‘walk’ influenced through our in- or decreasing energy levels. We finished the session on such a ‘high’ – feeling encouraged and inspired. SO…I hope you will be inspired too.

Have a great week!



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