Rosie’s Diary – Week 7 & 8

Time is flying…I can’t believe we’re already in April and the Easter Weekend is already drawing to a close.

It’s been nearly two months now since I’ve first started working with Rosie – and the progress she’s already made is amazing. The in-hand ground work is going really well and last Saturday we moved from single-line lunging to long-lining, which allowed me to ‘ride Rosie from the ground’.  To begin with Jamie, Rosie’s owner, walked next to her head for reassurance and to allow the mare to get used to the lines swinging/touching her sides and hind legs.  But she soon found her confidence and enjoyed the rein and gait changes, circle work, stops and starts. Stopping and standing quietly while I remained behind her was the hardest lesson for her though, because she really wanted to turn in to face towards me at a halt.  With a little practice, reassurance and lots of praise, Rosie learned very quickly to be content whilst standing still facing forward.

Having grown so much in trust and confidence, we also had a first attempt of putting a little weight into the saddle. Receiving a leg-up from Jamie, I gently lent my body across her saddle and patted her with my hands in the girth area and around her tummy and back. I repeated the exercise several times from the right as well as the left side and Rosie stood very quietly, attentive but relaxed.  This was a good point to end the session for the day – creating a very positive memory for Rosie and Jamie.  Really looking forward to week 9…


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