Rosie’s Diary – Week 6

What a week it’s been…meant to write this post last weekend…so thanks for bearing with me.

Rosie’s journey is just a joy…this little mare keeps surprising us each and every session with her unending capacity to trust more and her willingness to learn.  Although the windy weather was not in our favour, Rosie was surprisingly little phased by it. Starting the lunge session off on the right rein (Rosie’s initially tricky side) – things couldn’t have gone better – Rosie was relaxed in walk & trot – and best of all no bucks this time at all!

Then out came…the UMBRELLA! While the dreaded object was closed up, Rosie was very relaxed while allowing me to run it all over her body, including her ears, legs and belly.  And then it opened – and so did Rosie’s eyes – along with her shying backwards (which was to be expected). After reaching a point of calm again, I encouraged her to come closer and inspect the umbrella with her muzzle.  Walking off, Rosie would soon willingly follow me with the umbrella open over my shoulders, although still a little suspicious at first.  We had a few scares every time the wind blew a little harder and turned the umbrella inside out, but Rosie learned very quickly that even this noise / sudden movement wasn’t going to hurt her.

2015-03-21 16.12.16 2015-03-21 16.12.12

Within 30 minutes Rosie’s mind-set had changed from ‘Umbrellas are going to eat me’ to ‘I’m absolutely ok with this’…even with the wind blowing quite hard at times.  I am so proud of her and how far we’ve come along already. Week 7 here we come…


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