Rosie’s Diary – Week 5

The lovely RosieAs Rosie’s journey continues, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you. So here is what we worked on and learned during yesterday’s session…

Lunging on both reins is progressing nicely – Rosie is now walking and trotting calmly, responding well to changes in my energy and body language. Being very sensitive, she will pick up on the slightest changes and nuances therein, thus challenging me to be really self-aware and focused.  Rosie also slowly starts to associate the relevant voice commands with the desired actions, i.e. ‘Walk on’, ‘Trot on’ or ‘Stand’ etc.

Working through and over a L-shaped grid of ground poles in walk & trot is helping to develop Rosie’s balance and rhythm. While the first couple of attempts were a little rushed, she soon settled down nicely, finding her stride and rhythm, stretching down and forward  as well as stepping under more from behind as she approached and crossed the poles.   I also introduced a blue tarpaulin sheet, which Rosie walked and trotted across with great confidence, as well as allowing me to rub the sheet all over her body & legs while standing very relaxed.

Rosie is a great little  mare to work with and is a fantastic teacher too…I really need to think on my feet to keep both of us focused, to create a positive, fun learning environment where there’s also plenty of time &  space allowed to process information. We are one step closer…


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